Creating events, resources and consulting services
for women seeking wellness and business resources

Kristine is a serial entrepreneur with a mission
to encourage & inspire women to create a life they love.
The #SelfMade Movement is consciously and intentionally living and working.
Kristine’s services, workshops and events are designed to assist you to become Self Made through sustainable Business & Wellness practices – Empowering individuals
to curate the life they want.

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Body Momfidence with Courtney St Croix

Courtney is a fitness and wellness enthusiast who has worked in the fitness industry for over a decade. While she specializes in Group Fitness leadership, her focus is on overall health and wellness specifically for women, which includes getting “fit” in both mind and...

Time is the Ultimate Commodity – With Kristine Carr

Time is the ultimate commodity, what does that mean for business? Your clients, customers and followers are going to start seeing their time as a commodity and it's time for us to create sustainable marketing strategies through experience-based marketing.

How to be Fearless in Business, with Rebecca Munn

This week's podcast, I chat with Rebecca Munn, of, about how to be Fearless in business.  Insider tips from an entrepreneur, talking about her own real personal story.


The Secret to being an Entrepreneur

The Secret to being an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur, sometimes you try and fail, sometimes you have no idea what you are doing, sometimes years go by and you aren't sure if you are on the right track. The trick is to KEEP GOING. That's the secret... That's it! The one thing entrepreneurs have in...

The Best Business Decision I Ever Made

The Best Business Decision I Ever Made

So what is it?  What is the thing that helped shape my entrepreneurial career? There was one particular day where I sat down and took time to look inward, which we all know is incredibly difficult, and put together a list of my strengths and weaknesses. I knew I had a...

Instagram Hashtags for your Creative Business!

Instagram Hashtags for your Creative Business!

Using hashtags can help you gain more exposure, but specifically help connect you with all the likeminded businesses!  It streamlines everything in one area, for your potential clients AND possible collaborations.   There is so much confusion on what hashtags are more...

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