Don’t Forget! Items to Remember for your Wedding Day

A Person in Charge.  This ideally (and highly recommended), should be a wedding planner.  It is critical to have someone who is a point of contact and in charge of connecting the millions of things that are scheduled to happen during the day.  If you are not hiring a wedding planner, then find someone you trust (a guests or family member) who is extremely organized and can be the person to have all the necessary lists, schedule of the day, all vendor contact information and so on.  They can help make sure things are running smoothly and are queuing necessary scheduled events.  This is a MUST!

An Emergency Kit.  This is important.  As you will be at a venue, most likely far from all your emergency necessary items and when you are on a schedule of a wedding day, having simple items at your fingertips helps with a smooth day – No matter what little snag could arise!  You can see a post of our suggested items here!

Makeup for touching up.  I think this is self-explanatory.  Unless you are hiring your makeup artist to follow you on your wedding day, tears, kisses and hugs will happen – so items to touch up will help right before important photography.

A Contact List. make sure to have a contact list of everyone involved. From your DJ and Photographer, to your MC and Officiant.  You never know when or if you will need this information.

The Marriage Certificate.  I cannot stress this enough – this is what your officiant as well as the couple and maid of honour/best man need to sign.  This marriage certificate can be purchased no earlier than 3 months before the wedding (as it expires), and it is easy to forget about it during the hustle and bustle of the wedding preparations if you buy it in advance. Don’t Forget!

The Rings.  Again, small items that can easily be forgotten and left behind.  You are best to appoint someone in charge of them, or pack them ahead of time along with all the other items on your list to remember to bring. You can read up on a tip about when best to purchase rings here.

What are items on your list?  Have you had any bad experiences in forgetting items?  Let us know!

Happy Pre-Packing!

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