Eco-friendly Wedding Tips – Choices you can Make


There are great eco-friendly options for your invitations, such as Petal & Paper a Toronto based stationary that can make your invitations using recycled paper.

“The Petal & Paper Boutique also hopes to inspire earth friendly and ecologically conscious choices – most of our cards and prints are made using recycled and PCW paper with water based inks.”

Online invitations such as, are a great alternative, extremely budget friendly and you get all of your responses MUCH faster.   You can also add so much more information and you can see who has and who has not received their invitations.

Recycle items to use as décor:

When choosing such wedding themes as “vintage” or “country” or “woodland” and so many other wedding themes, it’s easy to decorate using items from antique shops, borrow from friends and family, garage sales and more.  Re-purposing items means you are not creating more waste and you are re-using items that might otherwise have become waste!


Renting is great for being more eco-friendly in your wedding planning.  Renting means that you can get all of the décor creativity you want, with less cost than it would be to buy all of the items first hand, and then you don’t have the added thought of “where do I put all of this stuff?”  A lot of the times, when brides buy all of their décor, they put it in boxes and years later they get thrown out when they have collected enough dust.  So, RENT!  It’s a fabulous option.  Contact me for some great décor rental options!

Use Linen:

First of all, I would like to point out that using disposable items for your wedding and events is not only less attractive, it also sets a lower tone for the ambiance. Rent these items, or even borrow! It’s worth it –  for an aesthetic and earthly cause. It goes without saying that disposable napkins, plates, cutlery and table cloths are extremely wasteful.  You will have garbage bags full of waste at the end of the event.  Using linen table cloths and napkins are just the better choice.


 Instead of using floral that has been cut at the stem and put in water, use potted flowering plants, or potted herbs!  They will be gorgeous, and your guests will have a great gift to take home and create a green environment in their house.


2013_Carr Wedding_IMG_5973-4

2013_Carr Wedding_IMG_5985-4


Bottled or canned beverages.  Instead, use pitchers of water that can be refilled from taps or filtered water. (Budget friendly as well!)


Speak to your caterer about using local food, local farms and produce.  Talk to your caterer about your specific needs to be more eco-conscious and ways they can achieve this.  Not only is it a green alternative, but you will also be supporting local!  Farm & Wild is an EXCELLENT caterer in the Durham Region, Toronto and GTA for this very purpose:

“Farm & Wild uses only the freshest ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible. While taste is of paramount importance, we pride ourselves on food that looks great, and service that exceeds every expectation. Pre-bought sauces and spice mixes are forbidden at Farm & Wild catering. We do it right or we don’t do it.”



Most likely your wedding and event will be littered (get it?) with candles and tea-lights that are toxin-filled and will add waste to our precious air.  Switch the generic cheap brand for soy based or beeswax candles!  This will help our precious earth and the air around us.


I can’t stress this enough.  It’s not done enough at weddings and events because usually there is so much going on, and separating plastic, cans and paper from garbage usually gets put on the back burner.  Use purposely chosen décor-themed bins (whiskey barrels for a rustic wedding, a vintage bathtub for a country wedding, etc), that would accentuate your wedding and event, as well as serve the purpose of RECYCLING waste. In Canada (most areas) we also have Green Bins in which we compost all of our food waste.  Talk to your caterer about what measures you or the staff can make.


Happy Planet-Saving!


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