The First Look: The Groom Sees the Bride

It’s your wedding day and one of the most memorable moments you will remember is that first glimpse.  Whether you are the bride, or the groom, a family member or guest – you will remember this moment.

The expressions, the anticipation and the extreme emotions.

What is becoming a trend and is growing in photography trends, is seeing each other on your wedding day, before you actually walk down the aisle.  It’s a moment shared, away from the crowd and the anxiety.

But is this something we like?  Trends are defined as something that is momentarily popular and that is the opposite of traditional.  Do we like this new trend of seeing the bride before the wedding?
There are definitely pros: Timing, photography, less pressure, and something that can actually be much more intimate.

The question is, does this make it more or less special?


If you are a bride planning to do this, or have done this, or have any experience with this trend – let us know your thoughts!

Happy Trend Setting!

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