The New Wedding Station Trend

Move over Wedding Candy Buffets, There’s a new trend in town.

I am in love with this… it’s even refreshing and healthy!

Tea is amazing in so many ways, not only for it’s health benefits but also for the comfort it provides. Have your guest indulge in delicious loose leaf teas during the Cocktail Hour (you can even add a liqueur ), or pair it with dessert. But the best way to present it, is with a Tea Station for your guests to self serve and enjoy!

You can have it served hot or cold, and even have a custom batch made for you. The creativity is endles with the design and style you can create for this station. From vintage tea cups to Mason jars or even Champagne flutes, it’s all about the details.

If you are in the Durham Region, Inquire for how we can bring this to life for you!


Happy Trending!

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