Explore your Small Town – Bowmanville Museum

Have you visited your local small town museums lately?  Even if you are from the city, there are still neighbouring small towns to explore.  Did you know that they most likely have an adorable museum to see too?  For me, we moved from city and suburbs, to small town and country, so our museum would be the Bowmanville Museum.  I have travelled to many countries and fallen in love with rich history and culture in Europe, but it’s so enjoyable to stay local and explore what’s in your own backyard.

So have you taken the time to do that lately? If not, you should, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Like the Bowmanville Museum in Clarington, Ontario.  I bet local Durham Region and Toronto Brides were unaware that you could have your wedding in a century old Edwardian-style home?  Well now you do!
Small Towns are riddled with amazing small venues full of creative possibilities.
Why not plan a wedding that sets yourself apart?

I could have shown you the whole house, but instead I chose to showcase my favourite room. image image image image

Happy Exploring! @carrkristine #kcexplorelocal

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