Kate Spade Washi Tape

Washi Tape, also known as paper tape, is a fantastic item that is good aesthetically and in a practical manner.  I use them around the office all of the time, to hang things on the wall (pretty paper tape doesn’t leave ugly marks, and is easy to remove!), to wrap gifts, to add to a notecard I am sending a client, to add to a creation or for crafting!

So I went a step above from an already amazing product and found this, Kate Spade tape.  Need I say more?  My favourite designer, which I can now use everyday in my office.

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Kate Spade - Decorative Paper Tape - Set of 2

Kate Spade Washi Tape

Take a look at the beautiful floral one.  Doesn’t it make you want to wrap something?

Kate Spade - Decorative Paper Tape Wide Roll - Rose

Floral Kate Spade Washi Tape

Happy Taping!

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