An Inspiring Studio Launch

Supporting friends is such an effortless way to show love and respect to someone you see highly of.  Especially those friends you just click with and things just mesh so well.  But sometimes it’s too easy to cancel on your friends – I get it, we are all extremely busy, we are all juggling a million things in this multitasking society.  But what we seem to be heading toward is undervaluing friendships.  I am guilty of this too!  Making plans with a friend, next thing you know it’s 6 months later and you still don’t see the bright light ahead to when you will have time for that coffee date.

But when those moments arise, where you can truly support a friend in life changes and goals, that’s when you are reminded what life is really about;  Connections and relationships.

Over the summer I met with a photographer when she reached out to me, to meet over coffee since we both were in the wedding industry and had offices/studios nearby.  She with a leap of faith and I with a curiosity, met for what was supposed to be a 20 minute “Hi, nice to meet you, here’s my card”.  Twenty minutes turned into coffee, tea, lunch, desert and then more tea.  And then I think we even closed the place up.  Needless to say, we hit it off.

We met just months ago, but I am very happy to be calling this fearless lady my friend.
Hilary Spencer Creative Photography hosted her Studio Launch yesterday, and there were so many smiling faces excited to celebrate her success.  Moments like that are nothing but inspiring.

Thank you for having me a part of your launch, darling, I am eager for what the world has to offer you!  Congratulations Hillary (#hellohillary)

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Happy Connecting!

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