I am a firm believer of surrounding myself with beauty, whether in my office, with weddings I coordinate, in my home or when I dine.  I purposely seek gorgeous locations and things that inspire me.

What I wanted to make special mention to today, is the most fabulous cafe and restaurant I have ever been to.  Right in Toronto amongst all of the noise and chaos, is quite literally a little oasis.  I found this gem on instagram and fell in love with the snippets of what I saw.  Naturally, I needed to investigate further.

Colette Grand Cafe is the closest I can get to getting in a teleportation machine and going to Paris for the afternoon.  From the floors, to the chairs, the counters, the decor, the lighting, the moulding accents and the ceiling — Everything, is completely art of the eyes.  I was in awe and I can’t wait to go back!  These photos really do not do it justice… At all.  So you just need to go and see for yourself!  And let me know what you think too.




wpid-20140907_152113.jpgwpid-20140907_152713.jpgBy the way, I needed to mention… This is the PATIO.  Yes, Patio.  Spectacular.wpid-20140907_153618.jpgwpid-20140907_152927.jpgwpid-20140907_153005.jpg

Happy Dining!