Easy Brunch Themed Appetizer

Happy Friday!  It’s the weekend, baby!

Oh my gosh, you’ve been invited to a social event and you offered to bring an appetizer but you forgot and now it’s the last minute! What’s a girl to do!?  Here’s an easy and delicious DIY for a soiree or even a ladies’ brunch.  You will also impress your friends at the same time with this clever idea.

Mini bite sized pancakes with fresh fruit, topped with icing sugar and paired with 100% pure Canadian maple syrup as a dip.  Okay, this was fun to make and equally delicious.  I even made this particular batch Gluten Free!

Three Easy Steps to a Tasty Treat!

1) Here are the ingredients and recipe for the pancakes, I just made them the size of quarters.

2) Fresh bananas, strawberries and thoughtful placement of toothpicks and voilà!

3)Don’t forget to sprinkle with icing sugar and provide maple syrup for dipping.

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Happy Tasting!
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