Pure Home Couture in Hamilton

I’m so excited to share this GORGEOUS boutique that I came across in Hamilton.  I  am in love with anything French, especially vintage Parisian inspired.  This is in part due to aesthetics but also because it is my culture and heritage.  I am French Canadian and have been to Paris, France twice (incredibly thankful and blessed to have done so) where my family tree dates back to France.

I walked into Pure Home Couture and my jaw literally dropped.  From the products to the décor, the ambiance and the fabulous smells; This is an experience.  You can purchase products online but visiting the location is a must.  See below to get a taste of the experience!

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These little caramel marvels were to die for. Like, melt-in-my-mouth-they-just-came-out-of-the-pot-by-an-artisan-in-Paris, good.  That good.

Happy Visiting!

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