A Detox Cleanse Perfect for Brides

Now ladies, I do not recommend any diets before your wedding nor changing your routine too much.  You will be under a lot of stress, timelines and have a lot on your mind.  However, a detox and cleanse is a perfect way to “reboot” your body and feel HEALTHY!  Do not, I repeat, do not do this close to your wedding date.  You’ve already had your final dress fittings, your emotions will be on high and your attention is best focused elsewhere.  I would suggest that you start a detox and/or cleanse as soon as you can, (even 6 months before your wedding) to start getting on a new regime and allow you body to adjust slowly.

The cleanse that I would highly suggest for brides is actually a TEA cleanse by an amazing company called Honey & Tea based out of Southern Ontario.  They great thing about this, is that you order it online, you receive it at home no matter where you live, and you can follow along ONLINE with a community.  Have you tried it?  I would love to hear what your favourite part about the cleanse is!

Are you from the Durham Region area?  Amazing news if you are: Honey & Tea is hosting an event with Holistic Nutritionist of Wisdom 4 Health, Judy Schneider RN RHN about how a Detox can make you stronger in Body, Soul & Spirit. Join them in-store this Saturday January 10th.  This free event offers the knowledge to empower you to reach your health goals in 2015.



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