Wedding Tip Wednesday: 10 Things to do as Soon as you are Engaged!

This really is a post about what to do as soon as you are engaged as well as what to expect as soon as you are engaged.  There are a lot of lists out there, but this one is more about what to do right after the proposal, BEFORE you need to start the planning part.  Let yourself BREATHE before you actually start planning.  Enjoy this moment!

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  1.  Do your nails or get a manicure:  The first question everyone will be asking “Can I see the ring!?”  Let’s just say your hands will be getting a lot of attention, and who doesn’t like a good manicure.  Treat yourself!
  2. Do NOT post it online until you tell all of the important people personally first.
  3. Make a list of who you need to make the announcement to personally first. Then visit or call them.  This is crucial, as you may not realize how important that is for them. Good friends, grand parents, parents, siblings, best friends, God parents, etc.  THEN, make the decision to announce it on social media.
  4. Talk with your (new) fiancé about an estimated wedding date.  Yes, I know it’s early!  But the second question everyone will be asking you “So when is the date!?” with anticipation.  You don’t have to have the exact date narrowed down, but even just the approximate year and everyone will be satisfied by the answer.
  5. Work on your elevator pitch! Or in this case, your 30 second recap of how the proposal happened.  This will be question number three that everyone will ask, “How did it happen?”
  6. Insure your ring:  Look into insurance, you wouldn’t want anything to happen to that gorgeous new ring of yours.
  7. Start making note of who you and your fiancé would love to stand with you on your wedding day.  During your initial announcement and excitement of your engagement, who is it that you feel closest to tell first?  Chances are they are important and special to you and would make for great bridesmaids and groomsmen.  But also take a moment to think, before you make that big decision, what kind of bridal party do you want?  Do you want it to be emotional and sentimental with siblings and cousins?  Or do you want it to be a big fun party and have all the friends that can really be there for you.
  8. Understand and breathe.  Understand that everyone will have an opinion about where, what, when, how, how much, why, wearing what, and who.  Just take it in!  Listen to their opinion, smile and show thanks for their input. They really are just trying to help, but sometimes it can be overwhelming.  Then, when the time comes, do whatever the heck it is YOU and your FIANCÉ want.  What is important to you? How do you both envision your day?  How do you want this most important day of your relationship represented?  Go with it.
  9. Take a photo of yourselves.  Set up the camera and take a photo of you and your fiancé, because you will want to remember the moment exactly as it was.  No special lighting, no posed expressions, no picking out the perfect outfit to fit the theme.  Just raw, natural and ‘in-the-moment’.
  10. Buy yourself wedding and bridal magazines, get inspired!  (Not to mention the Wedding Workbook that I have curated with my Wedding Planning Tips!) Have some fun with this, and soak it up.  This is a time in your life that doesn’t last forever and you need to really embrace the fun part about being engaged!

Happy Planning!
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