Wedding Tip Wednesday: Your Guide to Wedding Chairs

A chair.

It’s actually impressive how much a simple chair transforms a room.  Much like a room in a home, the type of chair you choose for your wedding day will greatly impact the style and vision for your reception and ceremony.  Now I know it can be overwhelming with all of the details that you are planning, but choosing a chair doesn’t have to be complicated.  It’s important to take a moment and look at your options, epruse wedding inspirations and look at what chairs they have used.  What is your overall vision?  Are you outdoors or indoors?  Do you want modern and trendy, or classic and elegant?

Below is a simple listed guide to the different styles of wedding chairs to choose from.

Chair Covers: Great for banquet halls and indoors.  Can be personalized according to your colours chosen and will cover any unflattering chairs.

Padded Folding Chair: Usually this comes in White or a natural wood finish.  Great for outdoor weddings, garden or woodland styles.  They are normally the best fit for outdoor weddings.

Versailles Chair:  Elegant and classic, comes in a variety of colours.  Not favourable for outdoors as the feet will sink into grass.

Chiavari Chairs: Comes in many colours, also clear, elegant and modern flairs.  Very trendy over the last few years.  Again, not favourable for outdoors as the feet will sink into grass.

Chameleon Chairs:  This chair is not particularly common, but they have a retro feel.  This photo showcases one with a brass finish, in which brass and gold are gaining popularity in the wedding trends.  This chair has an art deco style, for the couple who wants to step outside of the box.

Banquet Chairs:  Although not my favourite, they must make this list as they are the staple chair at every banquet facility and can be dressed up with chair covers.

Ghost Chairs:  This chair is very ultra-modern and trendy.  They are not necessarily timeless, but they can add a flare of elegance and style.  Ghost chairs especially look great side by side in rows for a wedding ceremony.

Louis Chair:  My particular favourite. Parisian, gorgeous and timeless.  Need I say more?

Happy Planning!

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