I spent too many days doing something I hated.  WHY!?


This post is less about weddings and more about living your life to the fullest and becoming an entrepreneur.  I like to help others and give advice where I can and I was inspired to write this for all of those contemplating the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Last night I had a great time at a local college as I was asked to be a Key Note Speaker and talk about my experiences in the wedding industry and give some insight to students who are in the Special Events Program.

The biggest thing I could tell them, about the general idea of life after school, is to DO WHAT YOU LOVE.  Don’t settle for anything less than being happy every single day of your life.  You are the one who is in control and you are the one who has a choice to make. Why would anyone settle for the job that will get them by in life, over the job that will make them feel fulfilled and happy?

For me, this was becoming an entrepreneur.  I could have fallen into any industry really, as long as it was creative.  Creativity is what fulfils me.  I chose the wedding industry because I love things that have a story to tell, I love things that are pretty (yes, That’s right!) and I love the opportunity to create.  The wedding industry is my first home when I took the plunge toward completely changing my life, in the search of being happy.  I actually work harder, work longer hours and as I first took the steps of starting my own business I was also making much less money.  But guess what?  I was bleeping happy!

Sometimes I still look around at all the lace, pink, pearls, flowers, etc. and think “I did it.  I created a life that I love.”  I look around from my office to my services or projects, I have surrounded myself with positive things that genuinely make me smile.  Who could ask for more?

If you surround yourself with things that you love and you don’t take no for an answer, that entrepreneurial fire will ignite in you and something amazing will happen.  It’s not always easy, it’s not always fun, but when you accomplish your goals you feel like you are unstoppable. That’s why I chose to become and entrepreneur.  I no longer wanted anyone else to dictate my happiness and only I had the power to do something about it.

Do what you love, create the life that you love and don’t let anything stand in your way.entrepreneur women in business work smart blogpreneur do what you love create a life that you love start your own business inspirational quote


Happy Creating!

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