How Will you Tell your Love Story?

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Everyone has a story to tell – whether it’s of triumph, perseverance, love, family, happiness or anything else in between.  The story of our lives and who we are is what shapes us as individuals.  Everyday, life puts us through challenges to overcome and teaches us lessons to learn; It’s how well you deal with those situations that really help to carve the path of your story.

And then there are stories within yours: A relationship tells a story of two people.  When you are in a relationship with someone you love, you are writing the pages as you go.  The moment your significant other gets down on one knee and ask you to marry them, is the moment another chapter in the story of your love is being written.

Planning a wedding, although it’s easy to lose yourself in the stress and details, is telling the story of you and your best friend, fiancé and soon-to-be.  It’s the moment that you have literally everyone you care about in one room to witness a promise to each other.  The day’s event is your chance to tell all of them your love story.

How will you do it?

  • Will it be through the music?
  • Will it be through the theme and style?
  • Will it be through the food?
  • Will it be through the emotions you want everyone to feel?
  • Will it be through images displayed throughout?
  • Will it be through personal and sentimental details throughout the reception?
  • Will it be with the tone of the wedding?

Couples get wrapped up in the details of planning and sometimes forget that there is a story to tell.  Take this opportunity to create an inspiration board of how you want your family and friends to feel at your wedding and how you want them to interpret your story.

How will you tell your love story on the day of your wedding?

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