Appreciation for life, love and relationships is what motivates me every single day.  I couldn’t breathe without having these three important aspects in my life, and what makes me so in-tune with them is by showing gratitude.

It’s easy for a day, a week, a month to go by and you’re left thinking: what did I even do this past month?  Did it even happen?

I’m guilty of letting life pass me by, which is why this last year I made the conscious effort to stop and show gratitude for every single moment that makes me happy.  From a beautifully presented dinner, to the birds singing in the morning or even a walk through the neighbourhood feeling the breeze in my hair.  Every moment that I can, I show gratitude and acknowledge that “this is a wonderful moment”.

Recently I invited my good friend Hilary, some would say creative soul mate (by “some” I mean “we”), over to my home for tea and a chat on a gorgeous Sunday morning.  I consciously wanted to connect with her and create a moment that her and I could enjoy.  I appreciate moments when they are prepared with love and I like to create that for others in return.  I’m not saying that this is what will fuel everyone, but it is what fuels me.

So on that Sunday morning, we met to take a breather from life and savour the moment that we were creating.   Will you take a moment and enjoy life in its simplest form?

Thank you to the always captivating Hilary Spencer for the beautiful moment that will now always be remembered, with your wonderful photography.

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