My 4 Tips for Brides to Keep Stress Low During Wedding Season!

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It’s wedding season (Hooray!)  and there is a lot of love, a lot of excitement… and a lot of stress.

But why!?  Here is what I always tell my brides:

1. Try not to put so much pressure on yourself and on the day.  Not everything will be perfect and more than likely at least something will go wrong.  The pressure and the build-up for everything to be perfect will cloud your good judgement and ability to rationalize.  Be incredibly excited(!!!), but be prepared that you could have a snag or two (or maybe none!)

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2. There are a million details to get excited about and there are endless possibilities for planning and organizing – which can be a lot of fun!  Focus on the process being fun and make sure to include family and friends for assistance, they make great helpers!

3. When stressful moments pop up, take them on one at a time and deal with them.  It may not be perfect but hanging onto it will amplify the stress factor.  Deal with the situation as best as you can and then let it go.

10958856_10155137810880117_1837074647641329016_oCredit: Hilary Spencer Creative Photography

4. What I can guarantee, is that by the end of the day (the day that you have worked up in your head for a long time) you will be surrounded by everyone you love and you will be married to your best friend.  And when you look back on this beautiful time, you want that to be your greatest memory.

Happy Planning!
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