Honey & Tea Cleanse: A Review

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with tea – so naturally when I learned about Honey & Tea’s fabulous tea cleanse, I was intrigued!  I wanted to share something that I have experienced and been a part of recently – in an effort to try new health and wellness ideas.

Learning more about tea and it’s natural energetic and detoxing properties through owner Natalie of Honey & Tea, was an eye opener to say the least.  When being described the amazing results of this cleanse and how I could feel better was a no-brainer and I was excited to sign up!

“The Honey & Tea Cleanse is a 3-week program, providing direction for a 3-phase lifestyle change.  Part of any successful lifestyle change includes attainable, measurable goals.  Honey & Tea’s Cleanse will provide just that through specific direction for manageable adjustments to transform your life in the areas of nutrition, fitness and motivation.” – Honey & Tea

20150920_125323-01Did I mention that this company is a local Oshawa/Durham Region company that believes in turning profit into opportunity for homeless and at risk youth through mentorship, training and employment? Their goal is to transform our community!  Sometimes I can’t believe that this amazing company is so close to home for me.

When starting the cleanse, I was feeling tired with a lack of energy and motivation – but by the end of the three weeks, I was feeling so alert and ready to kickstart the fall season!

I had a lot of fun on this journey, and tasting new teas that would boost my energy, get my body feeling better and providing natural ways to be alert throughout the day. Wellness is a big part of my life and having found a solution to every-day energy is so exciting.


Being part of the cleanse means that you are also part of an exclusive cleanse community!  Through that community, I had access to the Cleanse Coaches, who were jam-packed full of knowledge right at my fingertips. They were there for guidance, motivation, accountability and delicious healthy recipes!


“The Tea Cleanse Program has been designed by a Fitness Trainer & Kinesiologist, with consultation from a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Naturopathic Doctor.  Our Cleanse Coaches change with each facilitated intake, many cleanse participants join several intakes to learn from different health practitioners and advance their own wellness and nutrition goals. “ – Honey & Tea


What I learned most about this cleanse is that it’s attainable and doesn’t have to be complicated. Healthy eating, drinking and moving (which I call part of wellness), is ready to be accessed at a moment’s notice and starts with the decision to make a change.  I generally feel as though I am a healthy person, but I needed a boost to get back on track – and that’s exactly what this cleanse helped me with!  Try it out!!! You will love it!!  Click here to know more : )



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