Floral Crowns Part One: The Making Of

“I get to work with beauty everyday. It smells pretty, it looks pretty, it feels pretty.”
-Carol-Anne, Bloomin’ Crazy

Wedding trends are always evolving and it’s so much fun to explore current or up-and-coming wedding inspirations.  This past wedding season, we saw a lot of Floral Crowns emerging, which is trickling into next season for the brides opting a woodland, whimsical or bohemian wedding style.

Myself and partner-in-crime Hilary, from Hilary Spencer Photography, had the genius idea to pick the brain of a fabulous florist named Carol-Anne from Bloomin’ Crazy about Floral Crowns. Camera and notebooks in tow, we were off to Aide Bodycare HQ, who graciously let us use her space for this meeting. I have to say, it is an absolute pleasure to meet up with fantastic and creative people.

HSP_3444When we arrived, we were greeted by some friendly faces and some adorable snacks for the interview.  Because who doesn’t love a good creative chat while sipping tea and tasting treats?  Carol-Anne chuckled as Hilary beelined toward the assortment to take a photo, because of the mug that would appear in the photography – a gift from her daughter for Valentine’s Day years ago.  We had a laugh!

We sat down and started chatting like old friends, as the amazing Hilary started to document the interview through her lenses. We spoke of floral, owning your own business and wedding inspirations.  We decided to make this interview interactive – She created a floral crown and answered questions, as I watched in awe and asked about different topics.




Carol-Anne made her first floral crown this past wedding season which she said really helped her highlight and showcase her creative talents.  Taking steps outside the box and trying something different is her speciality.

She explained that 2014 saw big trends in Vintage, Gatsby and Bohemian.  In terms of colours, the wedding industry often follows colour palettes from fashion trends and of course this year’s Pantone colour was Radiant Orchid.  This was also complimented with Nudes and Blushes.  And boy oh boy, succulents were everywhere!

HSP_3364HSP_3394What sets this talented florist apart, is her incredible knowledge about flowers and plants.  With floral crowns, she makes them the day before, and knows exactly what flowers can last longer or withstand a wedding day.  She also knows what floral dries well, and how to seal them to keep their moisture.

She even grows a lot of her own flowers, and passes those savings right along to her brides – Talk about commitment to quality service!

When designing for a bride, she takes a measurement of their head, asks for a detailed description of their wedding theme and even where the ceremony is.  This is to allow a tailored and custom-made crown, specific to the individual bride.  Floral Crowns came easy to her to create, because of the technique that she learned with wiring, taping as well as her floral education and knowledge.

HSP_3504We also spoke a lot about Business and Entrepreneurship.

What do you love most about owning your own business?
“I get to work with beauty everyday. It smells pretty, it looks pretty, it feels pretty.  I’m being asked into an intimate moment in your life, and I treat it that way.  It’s a personal and intimate thing for me too.  I can’t think of a better compliment then for you to ask me to be a part of it.  It’s not just about the colour of the floral, it’s about the story too.”

What inspired your business name?
“Because that’s what I am, I’m crazy about flowers.  It brought in my English heritage as well! It just fit.”

What do you envision or aspire for Bloomin’ Crazy’s future?
“Flowers for all occasions, but I have a closeness and emotion for all things wedding.”



Carol-Anne was a delight to meet! Hilary and I had an amazing time and I am grateful for Michelle from Aide Bodycare for the location for the interview!  The industrial design of the room, made for the perfect spot.  Hilary is so talented in her photography, it’s not hard to see why.  She took an interview between two wedding industry professionals and turned it in to magic!

But wait!  We haven’t seen the final product!  Where are the floral crowns?

Stay tuned for Part TWO of this interview, where we chatted about Wedding Season 2015, tips for budget brides, and even what questions to ask yourself when seeking a wedding florist!  We will also see appearances from all four members of this creative team, displaying the floral crowns like the art pieces they are!

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