Floral Crowns Part Two: 6 Questions to ask your Wedding Florist

Here we are, part two of our Blooming Crowns  (Read first one Here) interview with Bloomin’ Crazy, photography by Hilary Spencer and all done at the lovely Aide Bodycare studio space.  When I asked Carol Anne, florist extraordinaire from Bloomin’ Crazy, what brides should take into consideration when seeking a quality florist for their wedding day, she had a lot of useful tips!

bloomin crazy 6 seeking florist

  1. Always ask to see previous work
  2. Do you have a connection with their work?
  3. What is the immediate relationship with your florist, how does he or she make you feel?
  4. They should be asking you a lot of questions to be able to know your style.  Do they understand your vision?
  5. Is your florist knowledgeable, do they know what you want and how to make it happen?
  6. What does their shop look like?  Does it reflect your aesthetic?HSP_3360

We also spoke of tips for brides who are looking for their perfect bouquet.  Carol-Anne explained that many brides tend to forget their bridal bouquet as being an important part of their wedding budget.  “You spend thousands on your dress, but then you are holding a floral that doesn’t match up!”.  DIY brides and budget-savvy brides are amazing at finding deals and saving on costs, but when it comes to the bouquet that you are going to hold on your wedding day and have photography taken at every angle: You should not opt for a budget bouquet.  Owner of Bloomin’ Crazy tries to  describe it as “it’s like wearing Versace and using a plastic bag as your purse.”  Of course there are many ways that your florist can help bring the cost down, but if you are in fact a budget-bride and only have $50 for ALL of your floral, then don’t spread it thin!  Instead, put it all toward your bouquet and opt for creative alternatives for the rest of the bridal party.  She also explains that “$125 is an average price for a fabulous bouquet, depending on what you put in it.”  It will be well worth it to put the budget toward it!

When asked were she sees the floral trends headed for wedding season 2015, Carol-Anne had a lot to say!  “If you want to be a bride on trend, keep an eye on the runways.”  She predicts aqua and light watery blues, since she is seeing them in the UK fashion right now.  She explained that the UK is ahead of North America in terms of trends, and the wedding industry often follows fashion.  She also went in to detail about bohemian and garden weddings with a twist of woodland, displaying moss, twigs and garden roses with accents of white and green!

Now let’s enjoy some beautiful Floral Crowns by Bloomin’ Crazy, shall we!?

Drum Roll Please….

HSP_3920Carol-Anne from Bloomin’ Crazy.  Thank you for this very fun interview!

HSP_3935I couldn’t get enough of these adorable blue suede shoes!




A very special mention and thank you to Michelle from Aide Bodycare for letting us use her fantastic space for the interview!


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Last, but certainly not least! The other half to the dynamic duo, my partner in crime and co-workaholic in the wedding industry, Photographer to all of these wonderful photos (except the ones she is in… I may have been behind the lens!) Thank you to Hilary from Hilary Spencer Photography!

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