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I’m so excited to be sharing today’s article, featuring a current Student at Seneca College!
I have a lot of students and aspiring wedding planners contact me for questions and guidance – so I know that this will be a great tip for those either enrolled in an event program, or seeking to be!   I asked Nicole to share with you, her first-hand account of what it’s like to be a student looking toward a career in wedding and events.  Let’s hear what she has to say!

This September I just entered my last year of my program as a Hospitality and Tourism student at Seneca College! One of my favourite classes that I picked was a wedding planning course. This course is my favourite one because it allows me to be creative!

You may think that it’s easy to plan a wedding and anyone can become a wedding planner, however there are more responsibilities you may think. Being a wedding planner you must help guide the couple through the different decisions they have to make for their wedding and it’s important to be a sociable person to get to know the personality of the couple. There is a lot of material that is discussed in this course, such as budget, wedding trends, building a portfolio or reputation as a wedding planner, social media, different cultural weddings and their traditions.

I love how my professor brings in material that can relate to her students. I remember for one of our assignments she made us research the unique trends that celebrities use for their weddings. There are also other assignments we had that made us feel like we were already wedding planners, that included planning our own wedding with the budget and timeline that was provided by the professor.  We had to create our own couple and their personality – This assignment made me become really creative! Another assignment we had to do was to reach out to real life wedding planners to interview them about their career.

I hope I’ve convinced you enough to take wedding planning as one of your courses at your school!

–Nicole Staana, Student at Seneca College

Thank you very much to Nicole, for sharing her experiences.  As always, I encourage you to #createalifeyoulove!