Here are some tips for the entrepreneurs out there, looking for some ways to get passionate about starting a business.   I don’t claim to have all the answers – but I love to INSPIRE and engage in conversation, maybe even help others see something from a new perspective!

My specialty is branding and styling for businesses, and I love what I do! We work with business owners, entrepreneurs, startups and re-launches all the time at Brand Ambition, and here are a few fun tips I’ve put together for someone looking to start a business.

Fill a Void

What is there a need for, but isn’t really being offered?  What is trendy but not a lot of people are doing it?  What do you hear your friends and family, or Facebook community saying “I wish there was” or “I wish I had” that seems to be a common theme?  Your potential clients are all around you, and they are the ones who know what they want.  Build a business according to what the clients need.

Consistency in your Brand

Who are you as a business?  How do you want your clients and potential clients to see you?  If you know me, you know how I can’t get enough of educating the importance of a good brand, but what is just as important when starting a business is consistency of that brand.  How do your website, Facebook Page, Business Card and Promotion Graphics look?  Because they should look all the same (not identical, but have similar colours, textures, fonts, etc).  This helps your clients build a trust in your business brand, and feel like they know your business before they’ve even come to you.

If a potential client finds you on Facebook, then go to your website and they don’t look anything alike, there is a disconnect and confusion for them.  “Is this the same business?”, “Am I on the right site?”, “Oh, this isn’t what I thought it was”.  The more barriers there are in building visual trust with your potential client, the more chances you could lose them.  SO let’s eliminate that barrier, shall we!?

Love what you are Doing

You are the one who has to do this everyday.  You are the one who has to think about this 24/7.  You are the one who will plan, follow through, delegate, develop, create, structure, etc., etc..  You need to LOVE what you are doing, or it’s doomed before it’s started.  A startup needs so much attention, you will be working on it 7 days a week (but when you love it, it’s fun and it doesn’t feel like work!)

When you are in startup mode, you have all the power to really think about what you want to do.  What excites you?  What makes you say “I can’t wait for tomorrow”?  If you are trying to build a business completely for the sole purpose of making a profit, and you really don’t like anything about it, it’s like setting yourself up for failure.  Pick a product or a service that you love, and stick to it.

[disclaim]If you have a product or service that is high in demand, and your have a business brand that builds trust and sets you apart from competition, and you LOVE what you are doing everyday  – Then you have a recipe for success.[/disclaim]