The Secret to being a Entrepreneur Business tips

Being an entrepreneur, sometimes you try and fail, sometimes you have no idea what you are doing, sometimes years go by and you aren’t sure if you are on the right track.

The trick is to KEEP GOING. That’s the secret… That’s it!

The one thing entrepreneurs have in common is they keep getting up, they keep pushing and they don’t stop. I have interviewed MANY women business owners, and when I ask them to use one word that best describes being an entrepreneur, 80% of the time they say “Journey“.

Why is that? because there is an ebb and flow, there is no manual and you will never have it perfectly figured out. It’s constantly moving and changing, and it’s your job to keep up with it.

When times are tough, fight or flight comes into play – entrepreneurs will fight and claw their way back up on their feet.  It’s something inside of them.  Some are born with it and others learn it along the way – it’s the fire of not knowing boundaries and not believing in being incapable.

It’s knowing that when an idea fails or becomes uninspiring – you are not a failure nor flaky.  You are creating and experimenting.  Do you think that if researchers don’t get it on the very first try, it means they should give up?  No, a researcher is constantly investigating and trying new things and doesn’t stop.  The same thing goes with entrepreneurs.  We are the researchers of the business industry.

Keep trying, keep making mistakes, keep succeeding, keep failing and never ever stop.

The beauty is in the journey.