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Aide Bodycare New Location in Oshawa!

My favourite soap shop – I think I am addicted – has had some major changes recently in Durham Region!

Although for selfish reasons I am sad that Aide Bodycare has move locations from Bowmanville to Oshawa, I can’t help but be overjoyed with happiness for such a perfect space for this soap & bodycare company!  What a beautiful new location!

If you visit owner Michelle at Aide Bodycare, she can tell you all about the benefits of her fantastic soaps and that she makes them right there in-house!  These hand-made works of art are made with plant-based oils and 100% shea butter  – not to mention they smell AMAZING!

I really love to stock up on soaps, natural deodorant and natural lip balm.  But don’t take MY word for it, go take a look (and smell!) for yourself! Visit at 463 Bond St. just past Wilson Rd in Oshawa.

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