The Collective

Shared coworking space in Downtown Bowmanville

A la carte commercial rental for entrepreneurs with a focus on creating collaboration, community and connections for women in business

93 King Street West, Suite #201

Coworking Space + Room Rental in a shared office:

Now Available in Downtown Bowmanville

What’s it all about?

Monthly desk space rental at the Laptop Bar
Consultation space hourly rental
Seminar/Small workshop space hourly rental



Hourly Consultation or Workshop Space


Hourly rental, perfect for you consultations, meetings, workshops
(or just a lovely space to get away and focus on your business in private!)


Coworking Space

Daily, Evening and Full Month Options.
Book online for daily and evening rentals.
$22.99/6 hours
Choose from 8am-2pm or 2pm-8pm

Contact us to rent these desks
by the month and run your business full time!

What’s Included?

Free Wifi

Coworking space with access to refreshment station

Private room rental options

A space that believes in bridging the gap between women, business and wellness

A collective space for women who believe in collaboration, gathering sharing and creativity

Your business name on The Collective directory (Free)

Your Business marketed through The Collective social media channels






Other Available Options

Contact us for more details at:

Monthly Office Space (Private Office)

Monthly Laptop Bar Rental
(Run your business full-time)

Retail Shelf Space
for your Pop-up Shops
$99 for the day

Podcast Booth


Business Directory

Kristine Carr

Creative Consulting

Free Daughters

Wellness Products

Hilary Spencer Creative Photography